The Hand in Mine

The hand in mine is that of a lady,
She walks the timeless wood and sunlit place,
Her feet fall lightly on the forest floor,
Hearing…my heart longing to see her face.

The arm on mine is that of a lady,
She dances in the dark nights half-lit there,
Her hands glide across her body in glory,
Seeing…myself wanting her touch anywhere.


Don’t you dare go away

Don’t you throw me to the wind

I want to stay here with you

Standing still like a tree to its roots

I don’t know what’s to come

But look at all the battles we’ve won

My scars have healed

And I’m blessed by your touch

So let love shine through us

That even a blind man could see

What love is on the faces of you and me          

I loved this.

Me and You

You know me. I can be an arrogant swaggering know-it-all prick. Jujutsu grand poobah. Dumbass fighter type. Master of the universe and all that. But in light of everything that has happened in our connected world I’m still just a person with doubts and fears and feelings and wishes and hopes and even dreams. Even superheroes need reassurance sometimes. Lois Lane was the only reason Superman stuck around.

You are what I want. Stay. Fight with me. Win everything with me, right beside me. Just never doubt my commitment, because I will endure whatever it takes for you, Querida Mia.

Je t’aime.


The look of this Aurora commands the attention of men,
And at her approach it’s soul-stealing.

The gaze of this Helen holds me fixed,
And her siren voice calls me to the smashing rocks.

The smell of her flowers is stronger than those of Echo,
And her blooms are a dreamy opium… inescapable.

The touch of this Ariadne is life-giving,
And her body resurrects long-dead passions.

The sounds of this Aphrodite are unknowing,
And in her throes they own me.

The sweat of this Nymph is my ambrosia,
And it’s burn is a delight to my heart.

The spirit of this woman is that of Pallas Athena,
And her wisdom protects me from myself.

The daring of this Artemis leaves me speechless,
And I’ve seen her capture strong men whole.

The look, smell, touch, sound, spirit, and heart of this fiery goddess invade my thoughts,
And because I have had them I am forever bound.

I will own her again. Soon.


The excitement of the coming day,
Sunlight peeks in to wake me,
A coming trip to far away,
She’s in my favorite place to be.

My day’s work will begin quite soon,
“Sun and son get up and help me!”
I need to hustle and paint these rooms,
While travel my beloved three.

So I launch myself out of bed,
It’s important that I tackle things,
To finish all and get ahead,
Then the beach…and the love she brings!


Those dark, deep eyes pierce my soul,
Their beckoning stirs my blood.

That long, dark hair looks so soft,
The feel of it stirs my blood.

Those shapely brown legs invite me,
That feeling on my shoulders owns me.

That smile, those lips, they tease me,
The taste and touch of her tongue owns me.

The curve of her body in dance takes me,
The feel of her moving against me enslaves me.

Those pretty hands reach out to me,
The touch of them on my body enslaves me.

Her look, her smell, her taste, her sound, her touch…they have me trapped.

I’m happy to be trapped by this goddess.

Climbing the Wall

The task ahead impossible,
The wall is just too high,
The surface is sharp and slick,
The rope ahead: I cannot fly.

I know my destiny awaits,
I know my prize is on the other side,
I know for her I must endure,
I know the prize there is my lovely bride.

The wall is ahead steep and slick,
The wall is barbed, hot, and wet,
The wall is not at all her friend,
The wall I must now climb o’er yet.

I know my bride made this wall,
I know it’s built in her heart,
I know there’s only one way over this,
I know if I don’t climb we’ll ever be apart.

The rope is not long enough,
The grapnel is not strong enough,
The irons are not sharp enough,
The spikes are not deep enough.

I cannot go around this wall,
I cannot get her to come or start,
I cannot go on without her, so
I will climb this wall with my heart.